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CSS or cascading style sheet is a web based application language which describes the presentation and style from the document that is written in a markup language. 
Most of the internet pages are written in HTML and Extensible HTML language. 
These are the languages commonly utilized in custom web style and documentation. These languages are used to format the content material from the web sites. CSS is used for style and designing from the internet pages. 
W3C or world wide web consortium is a well-known standard which maintains this language. 
The purpose behind introducing this language would be to present the different aspects and content of web page in presentable and sequence order. W3C CSS based web application development has numerous benefits. 
It's also useful for the typical customers. Sometimes some websites take a lengthy to open. 
This only irritates the visitor and he browses to some other website from where he can access info with out any delay. 
This decreases the volume of visitors on your website. 
W3C CSS takes care of this issue. It also provides an attractive visual display. W3C CSS enhances the appear of web pages and make them load quicker because it reduces the size of the web page by 60%. 
Another feature is that CSS created web pages are displayed in the same manner when these pages are viewed after downloading. 
CSS is quite simple to discover from the regular open supply web sites. 
W3C also provides all the guide notes for the assist of designers once they use CSS language in the content setting of their web pages. 
The pages designed in CSS may be displayed in any kind of device like hand held internet device and mobile phones. 
They load effortlessly because of their little size. 
To see if your Mobile Site Validates go here: mobile.css-validator.org  A CSS designed web page is most likely to rank higher on search engine rankings as CSS reduces the complexity of the content material. 
Therefore, a website designed utilizing CSS loads easily on all devices also. Hence, it's clear that W3C CSS based business web design is extremely beneficial. 
It provides a wide range of features and is convenient to use. 
Actually, CSS is one of the best option for custom website designing accessible these days. 
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Note: If you want to validate your CSS style sheet embedded in an (X)HTML document, you should first check that the (X)HTML you use is valid